Ultra-Violet sterilisers


Hozelock Vorton 4500 ultra-violet

Superb tool for eradicating green water in garden ponds.

Max pond size 4500 Litres. (1000 gallons)
Max flow through 2200 Lph 500gph. (we have used these with lots more flow)
9 Watt UVC bulb.
Hose connection: 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2" , hosetails glow at night (so you know it's working) spares readily available (see hozelock spares) hosetails also can pivot for easy fixing, a very compact unit.

Hozelock Vorton 55 Ultra Violet

Vorton 55w: 1558

Key Features:

  • For pond size up to 18500 litres
  • 55w bulb
The new Vorton 55w offers the optimum UVC power for the pond size up to 18500 litres. Higher 55w powered UVC bulb help maximise the elimination of algae. Vorton 55w comes with 5 metres of cable, is easy to install and maintain and comes with 2 years warranty and a Clearwater guarantee.

Evolution aqua Evo 30 watt uvc complete

- Electronic ballast

- Integrated UV bulb life indicator and power light

- UV stabilised PE outer casing which has a higher reflective index than stainless steel.

- Unique design that gives less head loss than other manufacturers’ models, saving energy costs.

- Thermal safety protection means that the unit will switch off before it overheats.

- Unit can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Hosetail fits 1.5", 1.25" or 1" piping, internal 1.5" bsp thread.

30 watt model suits ponds up to 6600 gallons.