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King British Green water control 500 ml

500 ml treats up to 1000 gallons (4500 litres)

Suspended green algae is present in all natural aquatic environments and in small quantities it is beneficial. However, when excess nutrients and light are available, algae in ponds can become thick, unsightly and out of control. It may also be harmful to fish because it can clog the filter, foul the water, irritate fish’s gills, deplete the oxygen in the water (especially at night) and cause pH fluctuations.

Green Water Control binds suspended algae cells into biodegradable clumps that sink to the bottom of the pond. Remove these clumps of algae using a net or pond vacuum. If left they can deplete oxygen in the pond and stimulate renewed algae growth. 

To help control algae growth, shade your pond from direct sunlight, introduce pond plants (which compete with the algae for light and nutrients), ensure the filter is working correctly and do not overfeed your fish. Never use fertilised garden soil in any planting baskets. Use Green Water Control:

  • When excess floating algae appears on the pond surface
  • If pond water appears green
  • If the filter is clogged with algae
kb plant food

King British pond plant food 250 ml

250 ml treats up to 500 gallons (2250 litres) easy to use liquid.

This specially developed formula includes essential nutrients in the form of trace elements required by aquatic plants to encourage healthy growth.

As well as being particularly beneficial for fine-leafed oxygenating plants Aquatic Plant Food is also ideal for marginal plants and for encouraging the growth of colourful flowering lilies. As well as adding to the beauty of your pond plants also help improve water quality. By absorbing nitrate plants utilise the nutrients that would otherwise result in unwanted algae growth. Plants also provide shade from the sun thus helping prevent algae blooms and the growth of blanket weed.

Aquatic Plant Food does not contain any nitrate or phosphate that would otherwise encourage unwanted algae growth. When planting up your pond plants it is important to use a good quality specialist aquatic compost. It is not advisable to use multi-purpose compost as the higher levels of nitrogen can lead to algae growth.

Use Aquatic Plant Food: At two-weekly intervals during the growing season from March to October.


King British Green algae control 500 ml

500 ml treats up to 1000 gallons (4500 litres)

When algae takes hold in a pond it can cause oxygen to fall to a dangerously low level at night, which can kill fish. During daylight hours, algae produce oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. However, in the dark, algae actually consume oxygen through respiration. Algae also restricts the growth of oxygenating plants, disturbing the natural balance of the pond.

Green Algae Control for ponds clears most forms of green algae inc. surface algae and algae that grows as strands or slime on plants, the sides and bottom of the pond, on filters, pumps, etc., without harming fish or plants.

Use Green Algae Control for ponds:

  • If a green haze is visible on the surface of the pond
  • Green fur growth or slime can be seen on plant leaves, rocks & ornaments