Chlorgo nt labs 1litre

Removes chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals from fresh tap water. Calms fish during transport. Add 10 ml of chlorgo to every 80 gallons (363 litres of water) 1000 ml treats 8000 gallons (36000 litres)


Nt labs Koi care filter bugs

A sponge soaked pad soaked in millions of biological filter bacteria. Add to a new pond to start filtration and regularly to existing ponds and filters to boost the bacteria. Keeping the pond clean and safe for your fish.

Box treats 13,368 (3000 gallons)

(1 Box contains 5 sachets)


NT labs koi vits, 125ml

Koivits is a revolutionary multivitamin spray that can be sprayed onto any food before feeding to supplement the vitamins and minerals in the food. Koivits helps assist in recovery from injury or illness especially carp pox and enhances the colour and vitality in normal regular use.


Nt labs propolis wound sealant

Propolis A waxy substance produced by bees to protect their hives from infection. Supplied as a thick, dark brown liquid, Propolis can be spread over cleaned and dried ulcers and wounds. Propolis can also be added to food to help boost resistance to infection.

NT labs ulcer swab 125ml

A Soothing Antiseptic solution for wounds and ulcers, cleaning and disinfecting wounded and damaged skin. Ideal for treatment of Fish ulcers, Fish sores and Fish body rot. Ideally use with wound seal.

NT labs wound seal 125ml

A thick paste for sealing open wounds,preventing osmotic fluid loss from fishes wounds. Contains antiseptic and aloe vera to speed up the healing process, best used in conjunction with ulcer swab in a combined effort.
minerals up

nt labs minerals up 1litre

Safely increase the water hardness.

Increases water hardness and maintains healthy conditions for a perfect Koi pond. Mineral rich water is essential for optimal Koi & fish metabolism, filter function and plant growth.1L Treats 6800lts / 1500 gls

Nt labs mediclay 1.5kg

High purity montmorillionite clay, helps clear pond water improves fishes health and appetite. 400 grams treats 20,000 gallons.(455,000) Mediclay controls waste build up of bacteria, polutants and algae and aids nitrifying bacteria (the good ones). Clarifies water and improves fishes health with essential minerals.

Nt labs paramedic kit

Superb kit to help combat 'ulcer disease'


The paramedic kit is quite simply first aid for your pond fish in a box. Inside is everything you will need to treat a wound. Complete with a complete instruction book you will be able to quickly diagnose a parasitic infection. superb value for money.

Koi Calm, Ulcer Swab, Wound Seal, Cotton Swabs, Gloves, Treatment Guide

koi calm

Nt labs koi calm

Koi Calm is a gentle sedative designed to calm the fish down so that it can be handled easily for topical application of Ulcer Swab and Wound Seal. Using Koi Calm helps to slow the fish down, reduce stress and allow inspection and repair work.

30 ml treats 300 litres (66 gallons) use only when fully supervising. will sedate a large koi in just a few minutes, to allow easy treatment. use in 5 gallon bucket or container, if in doubt ring and ask us for advice.