Koi Food


JBL KOI Summer Special Edition 6mm floating Pellets Special offer during Summer, normally £24.99 Now £20.99, whilst stocks last

Easily digestible special premium food for the warm season with water temperatures from 20°C upwards

Balanced protein/fat ratio, no water pollution, less algae, high content of vitamins and amino acids

Fish choose JBL food: high-quality ingredients, feed formulation created by practical research, no processing of cheap fishmeal

Contents: special food, Koi Summer, floating granules

JBL Koi Maxi 2140g 6mm floating pellet

Presentation and nutrient content tailored to the specific

 needs of Large-sized fast-growing Koi

For Koi 30cm and longer.

High-grade food pearls with 10 % high-protein spirulina algae.

  • Unsaturated fatty acids and carotenoids yield well-balanced growth and brilliant colours.
  • Essential vitamins and balanced vitamin C enhance the resistance to diseases.
  • With adjusted protein to fat ratio of 4:1
  • JBL Pondsticks Classic 3.2kg

    Floating food sticks for garden pond fish during the warmer time of year
  • Valuable plant fibres with vitamin complexes ensure a healthy digestive system and provide resistance to disease.
  • High plant concentrations correspond to the natural diet of many pond fish and make the food easier to digest, thereby reducing water pollution.
  • New: With a higher cereal concentration to cater even more to the vegetarian diets of goldfish and other pond fish.
  • Supplied in a bag