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Aquarian Goldfish flakes 200 grams Reduced no plastic lid

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No plastic lid , still foil seal intact.

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BB 06/20

 Use this food as the staple diet daily for all coldwater fish. The benefits will be noticable, you will even notice an enhanced colour. The food requirements of your goldfish is one thing that you can easily control and it is this function that is paramount to healthy development.

Tetra Goldfish Flake damaged pot 200g

Damaged pot seal intact so food fine.

Dated 12/19

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Tetra Goldfish Flakes 200 g are a complete food for all Goldfish.

Goldfish Flakes promote good health, great colour and keep your fish vibrant.

Tetra Goldfish supreme quality guarantees the best for your goldfish.

With clean and clear water formula plus patented Active Formula to support a long and healthy life Tetra Flakes offer a biologically balanced diet to ensure your goldfish remain healthy and active.

Vitamin enriched, Tetra flakes bring out the natural colours of goldfish and being highly digestible, create little waste a blessing with Goldfish!

TetraMin Complete food for tropical fish 6 x 13g Out of date 11/17

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