Taisho pond flake 500 g BAG. Special offer Less than 1/2 price normally £10.49, now £4.50 whilst stock lasts!


Ideal for mixing with other sticks or pellets.

A balanced diet for all cold water fish

Our own brand simple packaging, quality food.

Ingredients ; Fish Derivatives, Cereals,Derivatives of Vegetable Origin,Vegetable Protein Extracts, Oils,Minerals, Contains EEC Permitted Antioxidants BHA, BHT and Colourants.

FEED: 2 or 3 times a day or as required.

Bermuda pond heater

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The Bermuda pond heater features:

  • 5 metres of outdoor cable
  • Polished brass casing for quick efficient heat transfer
  • 150Watt element for economical use
  • Expandable foam float keeps the heater at the pond surface

During severe winter weather, the surface of a garden pond can freeze over for long periods, trapping waste gases released by decaying, submerged vegetation. These gases may build up to toxic levels and harm fish. A pond heater allows an area of the water surface to be kept free from ice, so the gases can escape.

Supplied in a bag not bucket as picture shows

Koi stoppers 4kg Bag ( New Size )

Floating hand feed sized pellets

Supplied in a bag not a bucket

Why not hand feed your fish. These easy to hold koi and goldfish treats are an ideal way of taming your fish.Simply miss a normal feed and try these instead. Approximate size = 12 mm.

ingredients. Cereals, fish and fish derivatives, vegetable protein, extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin, vital minerals and vitamins. In handy resealable jars. Protein 28%, oil and fats 3.5%, fibre 3.1% ash 5.9%, vitamin A, D3 and E.

JBL KOI Summer Special Edition 6mm floating Pellets

Easily digestible special premium food for the warm season with water temperatures from 20°C upwards

Balanced protein/fat ratio, no water pollution, less algae, high content of vitamins and amino acids

Fish choose JBL food: high-quality ingredients, feed formulation created by practical research, no processing of cheap fishmeal

Contents: special food, Koi Summer, floating granules

Hikari hi-growth 2kg Large pellet

25% off rsp

One of the best summer growth foods out there !

  1. Developed through scientific research and more than 110 years of Hikari's breeding experience cultivating the "jumbo koi" all true hobbyist desire.
  2. Promotes rapid increases in both weight and girth without the risk of fat-deposit buildup inside the body cavity.
  3. Manufactured utilizing the strictest quality control measures developed to assure the proper balance of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients your koi require to" Pump them up!"
  4. High in stabilized vitamin C which promotes resistance to stress and immunity to infectious disease.
  5. Vacuum packed for maximum freshness and improved success.
  6. A floating, super-sized nugget which will not cloud your pond water. Floating foods allow you to easily monitor and adjust the amount of food fed to avoid over-feeding.

Taisho Premium Koi Food 5kg, 5mm pellet. Plus Free 500g bag of Koi Stoppers ( Summer Deal )

Quality Koi food, 5mm pellets.33% Crude Protein.

Perfect for the diet of Koi, designed to put weight on your koi,enhance the colours, and give the correct amount of vitamins, your koi require to stay healthy.

Summer Deal !!! Free 500g Koi Stoppers ( hand feed treats for your pond fish) Worth £4.99

composition: Wheat,soya dehulled,extracted,toasted,maize,gluten,fish meal,lucerne protein concentrate,fish oil,wheat gluten,pepper,spirulina,wheat germ.

Evolution Aqua pure pond bomb.

 Fast acting bio bomb, for cleaner, clearer water

PURE Pond Bomb is a fast acting, concentrated version of the Award Winning PURE Pond. PURE Pond Bomb is ideal for use in Koi ponds, ornamental ponds, self contained water features or ponds which do not have conventional filtration, to achieve crystal clear, healthy water. Suitable for pond up to 20,000 litres (4400 galls) Inside the PURE Pond Bomb there is a unique combination of friendly bacteria and enzymes, which get to work as soon as the ball hits the water to clean up organic waste and break down the ammonia and nitrite to leave your pond crystal clear and healthy.

Taisho Spring, Summer & Autumn Blend 3 KG BUCKET

OUR OWN BRAND MIXTURE quality & value

Ideal at various temperatures throughout the year, a varied Mix of sticks, pellets, flake and wheatgerm pellets.

Ingredients include: Wheat,Maize germ, Superfine rice,Flour,Wheatgerm,Alf-Alfa,Dried Brewers Yeast, Spirulina, Hippo Soya,Chilean Fish, Minerals,EEC Permitted Antioxidants, EEC Permitted Colourants.

GUIDE TO FEEDING; Sparingly between 1 - 4 Times Daily Depending on water temperature and amount of fish.

Taisho Wheatgerm 6kg (Mix of Mini & Medium pellet)

Wheatgerm for all pond fish including koi

6kg of Mixed pellet sizes Mini & Medium Pellet

Taisho Wheatgerm is a complete food for feeding during spring, autumn and winter

Feeding guide:-- Feed Wheatgerm pellets 1-2 times a day, only as much as the fish can eat within a few minutes. Do not feed your fish if they are inactive, and remove any uneaten food. Floating type.

Hozelock pond vac

Nice piece of kit

Hozelock Pond Vac
Features :Hozelock's Pond Vac is a time saving efficient way to clean your pond.
Saves up to 30% in cleaning time and has up to 50% greater suction compared to other pond vacuums.
At the heart of the vacuum is a specially designed pump, which is submersed during use and Runs continuously; no emptying containers !
An adjustable handle is located on the tubing to provide full control and comfortable operation.
Warranty: 3 Years Manufacturer Guarantee. Choice of nozzles.

Suction Power: -53mBar
Power consumption: 60 Watt
Max product length: 2.3 Metres
Waste hose length: 3 Metres. Cable length: 10 metres