JBL KOI Summer Special Edition 6mm floating Pellets 2.5 kg. Special offer, normally £24.99 Now £20.99, whilst stocks last

Easily digestible special premium food for the warm season with water temperatures from 20°C upwards

Balanced protein/fat ratio, no water pollution, less algae, high content of vitamins and amino acids

Fish choose JBL food: high-quality ingredients, feed formulation created by practical research, no processing of cheap fishmeal

Contents: special food, Koi Summer, floating granules

1 x 125g tub, Tetra Natural Sticks

massive saving

Tetra Natural Sticks, These are ideal to mix with other foods.

Ideal for mixing with other Sticks, Pellets or Flake.

Whilst stocks last !

Normal price £5.90 each. Save £4.40

discontinued line few only

Complete vegetable food - as floating sticks in a natural shape - for a biological balanced nutrition of your pond fish.

12 x 125g tubs, Tetra Natural Sticks Massive saving

massive saving

Tetra Natural Sticks, SPECIAL DEAL Whilst stocks last !! 

Normal price £5.90 each. Save £50.80

Discontinued line few only

Ideal for mixing with other Sticks,Pellets or Flake

Complete vegetable food - as floating sticks in a natural shape - for a biological balanced nutrition of your pond fish.

Taisho pond flake 500 g BAG. Special offer Less than 1/2 price normally £10.49, now £4.50 whilst stock lasts!


Ideal for mixing with other sticks or pellets.

A balanced diet for all cold water fish

Our own brand simple packaging, quality food.

Ingredients ; Fish Derivatives, Cereals,Derivatives of Vegetable Origin,Vegetable Protein Extracts, Oils,Minerals, Contains EEC Permitted Antioxidants BHA, BHT and Colourants.

FEED: 2 or 3 times a day or as required.

colombo pellets

Colombo Ecomomy pond pellets 5kg reweighed into a clear bag.

5 kg reweighed into a clear bag. Save £5.00

Only whilst stocks last, Few only.

Koi and pond fish pellets.

33% protien

Suitable for Koi and pond fish .

6mm pellets

JBL Pondsticks Classic 3.2kg Special offer Now £15.99 Normally £19.99.

Floating food sticks for garden pond fish during the warmer time of year
  • Valuable plant fibres with vitamin complexes ensure a healthy digestive system and provide resistance to disease.
  • High plant concentrations correspond to the natural diet of many pond fish and make the food easier to digest, thereby reducing water pollution.
  • New: With a higher cereal concentration to cater even more to the vegetarian diets of goldfish and other pond fish.
  • Supplied in a bag
  • Decoy Heron

    Sale Price £9.50, normally £10.99

    Stands Approx 30" tall and comes complete with mounting stake. Place around pond and move periodically. Real Herons feed in solitary so hopefully will keep flying to another pond. Extremely lifelike, made from robust plastic, hand painted finish for real looks.

    Kockney koi superior mix 5kg. Jumbo pellet Mix re-weighed into a bag

    Re-wieghed into a 5kg bag.Jumbo Pellet

    With added Spirulina and vitamin c

    Superior Jumbo Mix Fish Food - This complete fish food is a mixture of 16mm and 22mm pellets. Like all Kockney Koi foods it has added vitamin C to improve your fish's immune system. Feeding the smaller fish with a larger pellet encourages the fish to spend a greater time at the surface, making them tamer and enhancing the beauty of your pond

    Ingredients : Soya, wheat, rice, poultry meal, fish meal, maize, wheatgerm, bran, vitamins and minerals + spirulina. Typical analasis ~ protein 31%, oil 6%, fibre 3%. contains vitamin A, D3 and E.

    Feed as much as fish will consume in around 3-5 minutes.

    Ecoclear 12000 pump and filter kit.

    ONE ONLY Clearance.... Damaged box.

    Our price was £279.99........ NOW £250.

    Mechanical Filtration
    - Through flow coarse foams reduce filter cleaning frequency.
    - Profiled foams present a large surface area for the efficient removal of waste.
    - Layered foams make thorough foam cleaning easy.

    Biological Filtration
    Bioforce have excellent biological filtration with Kaldnes K3 bio media exclusive to Hozelock filter systems. Kaldnes is scientifically proven and in widespread use in industrial water purification processes. As a result, it has vastly superior biological capacity compared to other biomedia used in pond filtration.

    Hozelock only use maximum efficiency quartz sleeves in our UVC system, which allow 87% UV efficiency for treating algae, compared to 30% and 50% for glass and plastic respectively. High efficiancy single ended UV lamps and an in built water turbulator ensure maximum water treatment and the elimination of green water.

    Pump. Utilising the lates range of aquaforce pumps,model included = Aquaforce 8000, Suitable for ponds upto 12000 litres
    Kit Comprising of Bioforce 12000 UVC. & pump. pump wattage = 95 Watt power consumption
    Recommended hose size 40mm
    Bulb wattage in uvc = 13 watt

    Tetra koi sticks 7500 grams damaged bag

    30% off tetra foods

    Reduced due to damage to bag, minimal loss.

    Normal price £95.69 Now £80.00 1 only available


    A complete Koi diet. Color enhancers bring out vibrant reds and yellows. For summer feeding.Complete food specially formulated for koi.

    Koi have slightly different nutritional needs to other pond fish, and benefit from extra colour enhancers in order to achieve their full potential.

    TetraPond Koi Sticks have been specially formulated for their needs, and provide them with a complete:

      highly digestible diet
    • leading to maximum health, condition and colour
    • Rich in carotenoids to promote excellent natural colouration
    • Low waste formula for clean, clear water
    • Contains all nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements for a balanced, healthy diet
    • Softens quickly for easy eating Protein = 31% note. box much plainer than picture.